You are my reflection

In Buddhism there is a concept that the people around us reflect our state of life.  At a simple level it works out that when you smile at someone you are likely to receive a smile in return.  On a deeper level a person who is only after power will interpret the actions of others around him or her as a ploy even if they are innocent.  Likewise a person who thinks the best of people will regard everyone around him or her as having good intentions.  Why should I be surprised my work is being criticized if I am constantly critical of myself?  How can it be so hard to be patient when my 7 year old is having a melt down?  If everyone from the guy in front of me in the grocery store to the members of my family are a reflection of me then I have some tweaking of myself to do.  I would like to share a funny joke with the checkout lady or hear laughter more often at home.  The way that I transform myself is through the chanting meditation Nam Myho Renge Kyo.  This is another kind of Buddhist reflection.  I will continue to chant, revolutionizing myself and notice my reflection in the people around me smile and shine with joy.

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2 Responses to You are my reflection

  1. Love this! It’s so hard to take that everyone around you (and your reactions to them) are reflections of you, but so empowering!

  2. Barb L. says:

    ………..a beautiful reflection!

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