Ignorance or Apathy

Let me start with a quote by David Krieger who is the President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: “The issue of nuclear threat, whether by terrorists or government, like so many other critical issues, is surrounded by thick layers of ignorance and apathy.  To change the world, we must bring forth butterflies of hope from the cocoons of ignorance and apathy that surround them.  The best place to begin is with ourselves.  We must emerge from our own cocoons as positive agents of change.”

Ignorance and apathy play their part in my life for sure.  I feel cocooned enough in my Northern California home to leave the doors unlocked and rarely go anywhere I feel unsafe.  Am I ignorant of the predominate pain and suffering in the world?  Most days I am.  Apathetic to the plight of people living in the neighborhoods I specifically avoid?  Yes.  World peace and nuclear disarmament start with each of us waking up to the world (not just on a global level) around us–our surrounding communities.  The people who need our help the most might just be our neighbors.  Thinking of how I can become a positive agent of change…

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2 Responses to Ignorance or Apathy

  1. Brad says:

    These cocoons also seem to sap our very life force. Comfort is wonderful but it can seem to be the road to apathy. Too much comfort and lack of desire to step out side of that comfort zone can leave one very hollow. How does one enjoy the comforts of life and the serenity of a safe neighborhood without becoming apathetic.? I think you are right that it is awareness. It occurs to me that the same is true for those who live in unsafe environments they must be willing to see that there is something outside of their own existence and be willing to chance a change of behavior and thought which in their case could leave them unprotected.

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