Nuclear Disarmament Now!

To think that a nation possessing nuclear weapons will never be provoked to use them is a delusion.  The existence of weapons of mass destruction means the probability of human extinction or at least the end to life on Earth as we know it.  I want a better future for my children.  Here’s a quote I thought very poignant by the German philosopher Karl Jaspers, “We can enjoy the happiness of existence in the interim granted to us.  But it is a last respite.  Either we avert the deadly peril or prepare for the catastrophe…  Today we stand poised on the razor’s edge.  We have to choose to plunge into the abyss of man’s lostness, and the consequent extinction of all earthly life, or to take the leap to the authentic man and his boundless opportunities through self-transformation.”  We have the power through individual self transformation to change the course of history.  We can choose to fight for a future filled with hope or we can live in apathy and delusion and think that war and destruction will never happen to us.  I choose hope!

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  1. Leaetta Wacker says:

    I just finished reading the June 10 World Tribune. I read that the goal of the youth division is to end the nuclear arms race here in the United States by the 100th anniversary of the SGI. What guts, what hope, these youth deserve every ounce of my energy and I intend to support them in whatever way I can. If anyone can do it we can. For more details see the group, World Tribune on SGI Buddhism.

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