Dog Walk

On the hill behind my house there’s a patch of open space studded with Eucalyptus and Brume.  It overlooks our little tie-dyed town.  Today instead of taking a challengingly hot yoga class, I took the dog for a hike up the hill.  Wado dog looked very sad this afternoon curled up in a thin line of shade—being a dog can be so boring—so I couldn’t help but to call out the words Walk Wado Walk!  He ran up to me with not just his tail but his entire back end wagging, hardly looking like a 10 year old.  Along the way he lifted his leg until he ran dry and sniffed every other dog’s scent.  It’s easy to get up a steep hill when you stop to catch the whiff of dog sign every few feet.  As you go up, the houses get pricier and the yards look professionally kept.  When we were looking to buy a house my daughter had one single non negotiable request: Do not buy a house on a hill.  This seemed completely reasonable and made for a much better mortgage, so we bought at the base of a hill.  The family can hop on our bikes and ride into town without a climb, which I love.  Still I can enjoy the hill on days like today.  Just as you go into the open space there’s a clearing with a wide angle view. I was tempted to let Wado run off leash—but getting him back could prove to be nothing less than a giant nightmare.  He wasn’t aware of his fleeting chance of freedom and seemed perfectly content.  Just for fun I take a different way down.

on a hike with Wado Dog

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  1. Elly Lou says:

    You and you’re daughter are on to something there. Just yesterday I was stumbling up a hill and noticing how much nicer the houses became with each block! You and Wado are in my head, aren’t you? So it’s not just my uterus that’s double occupancy?

  2. Jen says:

    I loved this … and it made me want to get a dog so badly :)

    We live on a massive hill, well, halfway up a mountain actually. And yeah, prices get more ridiculous the higher you go. Just a quick ten minute walk up and the houses range from 800,000 – 2+ million. It’s insane. And while I love our view and neighborhood, I do still miss living at the bottom near everything — hills can be very, very isolating. Maybe is I had a dog … hmmmm …. 😉

  3. Jennie says:

    Someday I’ll have to tell the story of Wado…. It will either make you want to go out and get a puppy or never ever consider it again.

  4. Barb L. says:

    It’s cool that Wado Dog has his own dog blog!

  5. Where you live sounds lovely. My parents lived on a hill when I was a teenager – a nightmare in the winter !!!

  6. Brad says:

    Pleasure to read, I felt the hill.

  7. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGS. I want one. :( Too bad my apartment complex has a no pet rule.

  8. Carrie says:

    Sounds like a great place where you live and much like here in Central Texas. Very peaceful and serene…which never gets old.

    And what a great hiking partner!

    • Jennie says:

      Yes I used to live in Austin, TX–loved it! I like Northern CA though. I’m 3 hours from the ski slopes and an hour from the beach. Perfect.

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