And that’s why I wear comfortable shoes…

It all started with a comment from Dearest Husband.

DH: I like those shoes.
Me: Which?
DH: The high heel platform ones.
Me: Really?
DH: You know most women wear heels.

Platform Pumps

OK a little background for those of you unfamiliar with my stunning array of footwear. My most expensive pairs of shoes include my red cowboy boots and my Chaco sandals. Just about everything else I got at goodwill or a garage sale. So when I noticed a shoe warehouse next to my favorite coffee shop, the above conversation flashed into my head. Just a week away was a school potluck which was actually catered. (You can probably guess what the attire is like for a catered potluck dinner…) It occurred to me that I could pop into the shoe warehouse and pick up a pair of sexy shoes to wear to the potluck. Just my luck there was an entire section of platform pumps. I found a perfect pair that went with a grey dress already in my closet. And then I tried them on. Now I danced in 3 inch heels as Cha Cha in a middle school production of Grease—but there was no way I could walk across the store much less make it through an entire event. What was a girl to do? I bought them anyway. Eliciting advice from all the women I know who wear unbelievably high heels, (which mostly—ok only—included my very fashionable and stunning boss) I learned that the best thing is to practice on carpet a little every day. By the end of the week I could walk across the room, stumble up the stairs and was incredibly uncomfortable. In the end I decided that it was best to enjoy myself at the party and not obsess about my feet all night. Now I don’t have any data to support DH’s statement about most women, but I’m sure about one thing: I’m not like most women–which is why DH married me in the first place.

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  1. Barb L. says:

    Cha Cha! It’s true — I remember you dancing on stage in 3 inch heels, and amazing everyone! That was eighth grade. You’re outa practice!

  2. My feet are short and stumpy, which don’t translate well to heels. I can handle platforms fine, but in heels my body is relying way to much on my tree stump toes to balance itself.

  3. loudlyshy says:

    I for one effing hate high-heeled shoes. The boyfriend loves them so I said if he bought ’em I’d wear ’em. The jerk called my bluff. I own a pair of black 3″ pumps for dressy events and 5″ stilettos for…uh…well honestly I’m not sure what the hell they’re for, I just thought they were pretty and he decided to buy them. I wore them clubbing one night and almost broke my ankle.

    So. I wear heels rarely, and only because I feel guilty that he bought me the shoes so I have to wear them. I keep a pair of flip-flops in my purse because I’m no fool. It served me well at my last event, a wedding. I made it an hour and a half in the shoes and then I switched to my comfy flippy-floppehs. Even straight Jack couldn’t make me more okay with wearing heels for much longer than that.

  4. I am so not a heels girl, either! Not at all! The funny thing is, I really love shoes – they are so darn cute and so darn pretty! I just don’t wanna wear the durn things! I’m either in sneakers or my ugly black sandals that I love so much – LOL!

  5. Green Monkey says:

    I like you! I am working on a post about “me and my big girl shoes” …I’ll be back

  6. I’m very short, so I have worn high heels the majority of my life, but I stopped wearing them when I got pregnant with my 2nd son because my feet were so swollen. After I had him and all of the swelling subsided it was like starting all over again in those heels!

  7. Whitney Soup says:

    i can’t believe your hubbie knows the difference between platforms and heels. impressive

  8. The saddest moment in my life was when I was at a gay bar and a guy wearing a fab suit and 4 inch heels danced past me in my flat sandals.

    I just can’t do it.

  9. I want the shoes in the photo!! I love heels, but don’t wear them like I used to.

    SO are more comfortable than others – I have a pair of Candies and another pair that looks similar. Both are very comfortable 4″ heels, and wear inexpensive!

  10. Jen says:

    Squeeeee!!!! I played Frenchie in ‘Grease’. . .three times. I so ‘heart’ you and your shoe obsession. My ex, Gil used to say that women really only need three to four pairs of shoes. Pfft! That’s why I divorced him. . .well, that an the fact that he’s a complete asshat.

  11. Vesta Vayne says:

    Ah, yes, the great shoe debate. I spent pretty much all my twenties in heels, the higher the better! One day I realized I was okay with being short, and that heels can be painful.

    My unsolicited advice? High-heeled boots. Sexy, the ankle is supported, easy to walk in!

  12. A thicker high heel, though not as sleek, will make it more comfortable and still give you the longer leg. Those red boots sound like a lot of fun! Stopping by from SITS!

  13. Julie says:

    I’m short and have big boobs, so if I wear heels it’s like basically asking gravity to knock me on my butt.

    Those are some cute shoe though.

  14. After eleven years of marriage I just found out my husband thinks high heals are sexy. I’d been under the assumption that since I’m taller than he is, flat shoes were the better choice. Turns out I was wrong. Of course, in a wheelchair and recovering from two broken feet, the idea of wearing heels again seems like a painful impossibility.

    What I do have, and can wear even in the chair, is a fab pair of over the knee boots. Sexy & flat. A hard combination to find…

  15. Jackie K says:

    Oh that’s a wonderful post and you are so right!
    I used to wear quite high heels all the time in my youth – can’t (or won’t) do it anymore.
    I recently also bought a very high pair of platform pumps for a special event. You guessed it – they never made it out of the box.

  16. Jackie K says:

    …Having said that, I DO wear wedge heeled sandals to work and out. A good compromise, flattering and comfortable and they are still “heels”.
    Men should try wearing heels before they recommend them!

  17. Robyn says:

    I can manage – but not too high and not for too long. I broke my favourite paid of heels the day I changed my name – long story! They were the cutest shoes – or at least they were to me.

    I HATE flats, but I really have to wear them these days: the scoliosis doesn’t like heels too much most of the time. :((

  18. Seana Smith says:

    LOL, no high heels for this mum of four in Sydney, Australia. I have spent the whole summer school holidays in a pair of flat Crocs. And no lipstick used for the last 8 weeks. I get a shock when I leave the family-friendly suburbs and go to the city, the younger and older ladies there wear sky high schools.

    Something to experiment with when the children are at school!

  19. I used to love wearing high heels but like you, the most important thing for me now is that I am comfortable. I have these pair of open toe silver high heels which I use to attend weddings. They look great and all but after wearing them, there’s always a small area on my left foot that’s numb for 2 days. Yes, numb.

    The good thing is I don’t get to wear the shoes often since I don’t attend weddings every week. Anyhoo I’m dropping by from the meaningful monday blog hop.

  20. Sarah says:

    I’m a girl that just *isn’t* much into shoes. A cute pair of flip flops for spring/summer and cute flats for fall/winter and I’m good to go. I’m so clumsy I don’t even attempt anything with heels. Dudes rarely check out your feet so you might as well be comfy!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

    • Jennie says:

      I’m all for being comfy! Still–Hubby keeps bringing up the heels… I bought another pair the other day–short heels. We’ll see if I can stand to wear them at his birthday party!

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