Not If, When

Last night I had a very vivid dream of dying with my husband in a car accident.  I awoke with a terrible raw feeling inside.  Maybe it was because DH and I recently starting watching the TV Show Awake, or maybe it’s a throw back from a time when I was prone to nightmares.  In the dream, I was driving and as the collision occurred everything slowed down.  Just like in a movie I saw broken glass floating past DH’s shocked face.  We were on a date night and the thought crossed my mind as we were hurtling through the air that no one would love our kids like we do.  And this is a haunting thought.  It just so happens that DH and I just recently hired a lawyer to do our living will/trust and will finally have a plan in place for just in case.  Actually it’s a little embarrassing that it’s taken us so long.  If it happens I know friends and family will step up and do their best, but I can’t imagine how devastating this would be for the kids.  We even found a home for our lovable but very bad Wado Dog.  I have to believe that in the end everything would be fine.  The kids would somehow manage to get through.  It’s also important to have in writing what you would like in terms of life prolonging medical treatments.  Let’s face it–we’re all walking toward our death someday.  We can’t escape the cycle of life and we might as well plan for it.  I’m not suggesting that we dwell on this inevitability.  But we can at least be prepared.  Maybe everyone reading this already has a living will/trust–awesome!  But for those of you who keep meaning to do it but don’t quite find the time–please take action.  There are even some online forms which are free to download.


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6 Responses to Not If, When

  1. Lori says:

    gods I hate dreams like this.

    always leave me feeling icky

    but it could be you are just afraid of change or something

    death isn’t always death in our dreams

  2. Seana Smith says:

    Hello there,
    Horrible dream! My husband and I have wills and my younger sister is the nominated guardian for all four children. Only issue is that she lives in the north east of Scotland and we are in Sydney Australia. It would be so appalling for the kids if my husband and I died, they’d have to move countries as well as deal with the loss of us.

    So driving very, very safely. As my friend used to say: ‘Better late on this side, than early on the next.’

  3. LDiggitty says:

    Ugh, this is a good reminder – my husband and I need to do the same at some point. We don’t have kids yet, so it doesn’t really seem all that important right now… but I could see us putting it off indefinitely!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Dreams like that leave me feeling unsettled for days. It’s a horrible feeling.

  5. veronica lee says:

    Dreams like that upset me too. I can’t shake off the feeling for days.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. momto8blog says:

    and what a reminder..we probably haven’t updated ours in 10 yrs…and soooo much has changed since then….thanks for the incentive.

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