RIP little car

What’s worst than running out of gas in the middle of nowhere?  Car breaking down while husband is away.  Last time I was home alone I wrote about it here.  This time I planned to host a Toso (long chanting meditation) and then have a margarita girls night afterwards.  I have to do something besides sit at home and miss my family.  The only reason I’m not off on spring break vacation with everyone is because I have to work–not everyone gets all school holidays off like DH does.  Yes rub it in!  So I go out to get a bag of chips for the evening fun when my car temperature goes up and there’s steam coming out of the front hood.  We originally bought this car because I was taking the bus into the city to work everyday and it just seemed simpler to get a second car.  Because it was a park-in-the-tenderloin car we decided to get a reliable but not a break-into-me car.  I paid cash to a kid one day on my lunch break and came home with an old mazda.  It was that easy.  Upon my arrival, the van immediately got nicknamed the Big Car and the mazda was deemed the little car.  She was zippy and took me over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge everyday.  We were giving her a second life–complete with 2 kids and a Wado Dog.  She seemed happy.  Didn’t really have much trouble for years until one day the check engine light came on because of a problem with her catalytic converter.  Then she started collecting water in the front seat after every rain.  Someone hit the passenger side mirror with a garbage can (uhck um) and it’s hanging loose.  And finally while my husband is out of town the radiator all but exploded.  The cost of all the repairs would exceed her blue book value.  So we’re saying goodbye to the little car!  I have fond memories of strapping down car seats and Wado Dog hanging out of the window.  May your next life bring few bumps in the road.  You will be missed!

May you always have flowers in your rear!

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13 Responses to RIP little car

  1. Farrah says:

    Oh so sad. I have always gotten attached to my cars- I’m glad you had some good times together :)

  2. momto8blog says:

    good luck with everything going on!!

  3. Seana Smith says:

    Oh, I am attached to my cars, and we’ve had the two of them for the six years since the twins were born. Can feel changes a’comin’ but we’ll know the time is right when it’s right. Good to say a proper goodbye to a faithful old chariot. Hope your next car is equally loyal.

  4. Lori says:

    awww bless the little cars heart

  5. Kathy says:

    I still remember my first car, a four door Chevy Cavalier. When Ibought it it had been driven only once a week by a little old lady to the bank and back for 10 years.
    When I moved it to New York City it was broken into so many times that I just put a sign in the window saying, “Come on in! Doors unlocked.” I was so insulted when the thieves would only take something random like a box of tissues, and leave the lovely throw pillows I had in the backseat. They were very nice pillows–perfectly worth stealing! 😉

  6. Oh man…I’ve had my 96′ car for so long now, it feels like. She’s my little green senior citizen, and woeful will be the day I have to move up to minivan territory.

  7. Carrie says:

    Awww…poor thing! I get attached to any car I have like a kid. It’s ridiculous. I cried when I traded in my very first car. Even though my new one was nicer and shinier and sportier…I cried.

    Big baby.

    But, the flowers in the rear comment under you picture??? FRIGGIN AWESOME!!

  8. Aww I’m sorry to hear this – well, read this. It’s alright though, when you get the new one, you’ll learn to love it too.

  9. veronica lee says:

    So sorry to hear this! RIP little car!

  10. Vesta Vayne says:

    Aw, bummer. Poor little car, she held on as long as she could!

    I’ve had my hunk of junk for 15 years, I fuly expect to cry when it finally falls apart.

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