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I have about two hours on Sunday that has become my fuel for the week- I take horse riding lessons from my friend.

I need it, crave it and long for it during these tedious afternoons when I am trapped in the living room plotting an escape from my children.

I realized the other day at my friend Karla’s farm that it is becoming more to me than just riding for a while on a Sunday. While I’m there I’m not a mother- and I’m not a middle aged woman either. For the brief time that I spend there I am 7, 10, and 16 years old again spending time with my grandfather in spirit, and learning to ride.

I think of him quite often- even though I lost him 13 years ago. Sunday he was everywhere, watching me watch the horses and the beautiful sight before me.

This particular Sunday morning here in South Carolina was as perfect as they come. It was warm in the sunshine- but the temperature was really only hovering around 66 degrees. Mostly breezy- which is to say borderline windy. Karla’s farm is on a picturesque setting- the house sits up closer to the road, while the garden, horse pastures, barns, and training ring are behind it. Once you park and step off onto the newly- graveled driveway, you make your way to the tack room  to get your horse ready. It is there that the view rises up to meet you, shakes the cobwebs from your brain- and gives you the tingles.

Looking straight out you see the horses mingling at the fence- waiting for some attention. There are a few trees here and there which provide an ample amount of shade from the heat which is on its way any day now. The pasture goes down, farther back and merges with woods that are so thick, green and lush you are sure nothing could possibly be behind them but more trees, fields and flowers for eternity.

Above hung a Carolina Blue sky with white wisping clouds and made me look more than once just to make sure that what I was seeing was in fact, real and just not some incredibly photo shopped image. I was grateful to be there on that morning to see that view and to feel that wind and sun on my skin. Karla told me that there was a pond back there- so as I looked towards the mammoth and wise green trees rustling and shimmering- and I saw what this world was created to share. I remember thinking that if I was a religious person- THIS would be my church. Because whatever you believe in- whatever your faith- it resonated today in that pasture, trees and magnificent breeze.

I normally do not have such strong feelings when out about in nature or otherwise- and it may have to do with the strong connection horses bring me to my grandfather- but I just couldn’t shake that image of the pasture out of my head. Nowhere else have I seen it- and although I regretted not running back to my car to take a picture with my phone-I also didn’t want to cheapen it, if that makes sense. What I saw could not be put to justice in a photograph nor can it be with my words. All I know is that I saw it- it was ethereal, and I attended church today.

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12 Responses to Sunday

  1. LDiggitty says:

    This was just beautiful. I felt like I was there with you! I’m going to have to visit SC at some point – my cousin is just starting her residency in Charleston so maybe I’ll have an excuse to visit soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Farrah says:

      Thank you! Oh you should…I am originally from Michigan and have been here 7 years this fall. I love it- and the blue in the sky here is really something to see :)

  2. veronica lee says:

    There’s always something about horses that fascinates me – such stately and majestic creatures.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Vivian says:

    Farrah your imagery is beautiful. I get the same feeling when I go to my Aunt’s farm it is so beautiful and it brings back so many memories. My Aunt bought the farm from my Grandparents. I remember walking across the hills with my Grandfather when I was a little girl. My Grandfather passed away 22 years ago but I feel his presence in those hills.

    • Farrah says:

      Isn’t it something?! I’m glad you get to experience something similar as words really can’t do it justice. Thanks for reading!

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  5. Kate says:

    Lovely post. It gave me goosebumps. Glad to hear you get some time to yourself mama, you deserve a little time to refuel. 😉

  6. AmyH says:

    Beautiful description, makes me want to get back in the saddle like I did back at summer camp many, many years ago :)

    • Farrah says:

      That’s the beauty of it- you can! It’s not a sport that makes you feel aged- well, your butt still gets sore, but once you get used to it again you’re all set! Thanks for reading!

  7. you know, I’ve only ever SAT on a horse once! This seems a damn shame after reading this. Ah, plotting ways to escape the children–I felt the same way when my kids were younger.

  8. momto8blog says:

    I could picture this in my mind….I too see Gods glory in all of nature.

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