A Super Power to end all Super Powers

Dearest Husband has a couple super powers.  He can anticipate the storyline of any book or movie without fail–every time.  He is also a super fantastic gift giver.  It’s possible this super power was passed from mother to son.  Regardless of how he acquired this unique talent he never fails to amaze me.  Yes Honey, the pressure is on!  For example this URL was a Mother’s Day gift because he knows I love to write but was never finding the time to finish that novel.  Blogging had never occurred to me, but it turns out I love it and it saves my sanity.

DH:  Do you remember what you said you would do if we won the lottery?

Jennie:  Adopt 2 more Wado Dogs?

DH:  Only if you want a divorce.

Jennie:  What did I say?

DH:  You said you would hire a personal trainer.

Jennie:  Oh yea I would totally do that.

DH:  Well I don’t think you have to win the lottery.  Happy Mother’s Day/Birthday!

I should say that this is not the kind of gift a husband can give to his wife unless she suggests it.  It would be analogous to a husband buying a wife a vacuum.  But the fact is that I want to get healthy and have lost 2 dress sizes over the last year simply by changing my eating habits.  But I’ve hit a plateau and I know I need to add exercise to the mix.  Plus we’re taking a long family vacation this summer and I want to go on lots of fun hikes and bike rides without killing myself.  So yea this was a perfect gift.  Now if anyone has a rockin Father’s Day gift idea I would be completely grateful because in marrying me DH gained a lot of things, but sadly a gift giving super power was not included.

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19 Responses to A Super Power to end all Super Powers

  1. Lori says:

    Love my gift giving super power is so non existent that is unless you want to give some one dead mice…then I’m your girl.

  2. Michelle says:

    I have searched for YEARS for the perfect gift for my very picky dh…a special day out to a surprise destination with the family, complete with a nice picnic? Barring that, the outdoor fire pit was a huge hit!

  3. Farrah says:

    Those are fantastic super powers!! A good gift giver is wonderful- but I agree- it puts pressure on us. Hmm. Well- the best gift I ever gave dh was a Roku player because we don’t have cable. He can still watch his sports or something specific if he wants to. Plus we can play pandora on the tv which is nice. Something new is that Birchbox just came out with a men’s line. Not sure if he is into personal grooming stuff. I haven’t met many men who are- but it’s a neat idea- a monthly gift box of high end stuff just for them. Other that that- I can’t help ya. My first year as a mom I made a shutterfly book for his father’s day gift of the previous year. I now do it every year in the same cover but another book. So this year is book 4. Good luck.

  4. Ann Jackson says:

    Actually, you’re a good gift giver; I ask your advice all the time. You’re going on a great trip this summer. Is there something that would add to that? The only other suggestion I would have is a horse trough and enough potting soil to fill it. You guys could have such a great bunch of vegetables, except for all the concrete in your back yard. Built up beds are great, but horse troughs work.

  5. veronica lee says:

    I’m a lousy gifter. I usually buy gift vouchers – you can’t go wrong with them! So far, no one has complained!!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Oh good lord. I never know what to buy for a man. They all love Batman, right?

    I too have been working on being healthy, with fitness being the means to the end (unfortunately, ha ha). I love that you said that husbands can’t give gifts of personal trainers unless a woman actually wants it. So true! Good for you for losing those dress sizes. It’s the best thing in the world to be able to achieve this through a new mindset, rather than a heinous DIET.

  7. Vesta Vayne says:

    Oooooo! That IS a good gift, go DH!

    Years ago my husband bought me a stationary bike for my birthday (I asked for it). His friends all told him, ‘dude, you can’t buy a woman exercise equipment!!’

    Not unless she asks for it :)

  8. Seana Smith says:

    There you go, he’s given you the gift of health and strength, fantastic. Having a personal trainer has been so good for me, I would never lift big heavy weights like that on my own. And it’s been so good for my strength and health. But 30 mins is about enough I can stand at a time, so I go to a gym to do it.

    Must go for a little walk now I remember!!

  9. Carrie says:

    What a FAB guy you have there!!

    Wow…he listens AND he surprises. You got it all rolled up into one!!

    And as far as I’m concerned, I think he already has a pretty rockin’ gift.



    (Don’t mean for that to sound as suck-uppy as it does.)

  10. Vivian says:

    Jennie I have the same curse I mean blessing. Our first Valentine’s together we were broke and he fixed my computer. When I switched it on at work my background was a cartoon character of himself with a bubble saying “Happy Valentine’s I love you.”

  11. momto8blog says:

    wow! he is a keeper!! he is so thoughtful….good for you!

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