Yea, I did that

I’ve neglected my blog I know.  The more time passed the more I thought I needed something big to write about.  But what’s really important to me is to keep writing so I give you a silly story that will hopefully make you feel better about your occasional mistakes.

My son had a school project where he takes a stuffed bear to a place of interest in our county, take pictures, do an interview, and present to the class.  We were originally scheduled earlier in the year but when our weekend came to get the bear we were super busy and couldn’t do it so we politely asked to reschedule.  His teacher was less than thrilled saying that we signed up for that weekend at the beginning of the school year etc. But thankfully we were allowed to move it to a later date which happened to be on Mother’s Day weekend.  The Friday before Douglas was given a backpack with the stuffed bear which the class had named Fluffy.  I opened the backpack, pulling out the Bear and got everything ready for our excursion.  Douglas had chosen an Inn at the top of the highest mountain in the county which is only accessible by foot or mountain bike.  I remembered that when my Daughter asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day I replied, “a family hike.”  So I was actually getting just what I asked for!  Everyone had a water bottle and we had a wonderful time, taking lots of pictures along the way featuring Fluffy of course.

Now this story isn’t about the all day Mother’s Day hike or even about that cute bear.  So what happened next was proof that silly mistakes remind us that we’re all…well…human.  The Monday after Mother’s Day we returned the backpack with Fluffy and I received an email that afternoon.  Where was the county book that came in the backpack?  Now I had gone through that backpack and there was no book.  He simply didn’t come home with a book.  I was sure.  I insisted.  She remembered putting it in.  I insisted that we didn’t have it.  “I’m sorry, but it never came home with Douglas.”  The end.  Except the next Saturday when I was cleaning up guess what I find.  Yep the book.  We had it all along.

Getting ready for the hike

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