Happy Marriage

imgresI have a week without Hubby and the kids. In the few times that this has happened I’ve been so lonely I’ve cried.  This time I celebrate the kids successfully growing up (so far) and 14 years of marriage.  After hitting a rocky patch, Hubby and I agreed this last year was the Best Year Ever!

I’m sure there are shelves worth of self-help marriage books about listening to each other and supporting each other in your decisions.  This is of course good advice but what saved our marriage was good and often sex.

I’m sure you don’t want the details but if you do just use your imagination, which is what we used in our bedroom.

So this year I’m celebrating 13 years of child rearing (which has produced happy kids–so far), and 14 years of marriage.  I plan on cleaning the kids’ rooms, hours of uninterrupted Daimoku, Buddhist meetings at the house, a girls’ night out and plenty of masturbation.

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