My father isn’t speaking to me because I’m voting against Trump

Funny–I’ve met older people over the years that when I ask them about their kids they say their kids will not speak to them. I admit I immediately judged them—what did they do? Why would grown child make the choice not to talk with her parents unless they really fucked up?  Silly me.

I am now in the position that my father will not speak to me. When I call he is unavailable. He never returns my calls. I did receive an email from him that he will speak with me when I stop spreading lies about Trump on Facebook. I recently put my father on a restricted list on facebook so he could only see global posts. He told my mother–who is very much talking with me and at a lost of what my father is doing–that he thought I unfriended him. I took him off the restricted list and he’s still not talking with me. We do exchange emails. He has been spamming me for years with his FOX news conspiratorial theories—sometimes I reply back, which sometimes gets a response back. In our last email exchange he tried to convince me that when Trump was quoted as saying blacks are lazy he meant only do nothing welfare moms.   I pointed out his racism and stated that most welfare moms are white. But you get the point of how far apart my father and I are on the political spectrum. Is racism on the political spectrum?

I grew up admiring my father. I thought he could do no wrong until after I was married. Really that’s how long the myth of the invincible, perfect father lasted. Then life happened and I could no longer deny that he was in fact human and imperfect. I got a phone call after my son was born from my mother. Apparently my father makes mistakes just like the rest of us. I forgave him. I see my daughter idealize my husband like I did with my Dad—the 2 of us Daddy’s girls. It is only natural I think for a daughter to love her father like that.

I honestly don’t care how Trump crazy my father is—he’s still family and I love him. Apparently Trump’s reputation is more important to him that a relationship with his daughter.

Yes I’m voting for Hilary. I’m voting for Pro-Choice Supreme Court justices. I’m voting for Equal pay for Women. I’m voting for 4 years of better than Obama! No TPP. Common sense gun reform! Reversal of Citizen’s United. My hope is there will be less innocent blacks killed in the hands of police.

I’m also voting against Trump. Fear creating, xenophobic, anti-Muslim and Mexican, Misogynist, Backed by Putin, North Korea, and white supremacists like David Duke etc—that Donald Trump.

He is an embarrassment.

So yes my father isn’t speaking to me. Yes that’s devastatingly sad.   I just hope that when Hillary wins and Congress goes Democratic she doesn’t make Obama’s mistake by not doing anything in those 1st 2 years. Republicans hate you Hillary and if you think they will block you less then they blocked Obama—you’re too optimistic. Republicans will stop you at every second and every chance. So—when you get this 2 year window which I believe is possible in November—do not waste one second of time! We are counting on you!

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