Finally at Home in Switzerland

Below is the breathtaking view from our Swiss Balcony!  I’m finally over jet lag and the rush of getting the kids settled in school etc. so I thought today is as good as any day to update the blogging world of my status: finally at home in Switzerland.  Home to me is really wherever my family is.  All we have from CA is a suitcase each so possessions aren’t what makes a home for me.  (I do admit I miss having space to spread out, but since we have barely any stuff there is nothing really to spread–plus it’s way easier to clean a tiny space!)  We shipped a 4X5X6 pallet with much needed winter stuff and sundry, which is supposed to arrive in 2 weeks.   There have surprisingly only been a few bumps in the road to making Switzerland my new home—the last of which was acquiring a visa. We are now all legal residents here and to celebrate I purchased a demi tarif for each of us which is a ½ price card for the Swiss train system.

Probably the most shocking revelation about Switzerland is that Adderall, which my son needs for severe ADHD, is illegal here. The only alternative is a drug used for narcolepsy and sometimes prescribed off brand to Americans (ADHD I’ve been told is a purely American phenomenon.) All I know is that Adderall has helped by son tremendously for the last 6 years! So far my son’s transition into this Swiss American School has not been without challenges—and that’s with him taking his Adderall—god help his teachers. I’ll reserve my opinion of Swiss medical care once I’m here a year or so and get a real perspective. It’s supposed to be the best in the world which is why I was so shocked about the Adderall. Truth is—if I had known that Adderall was illegal here I never would have come. So just as well that it was a surprise because it’s really going to be a great experience for all of us.

The hardest part of moving ½ way around the world for me is my work and the time difference. Most of my clients are in the US and most of them are in CA, which is a 9hour difference. So my workday starts at 2pm if I’m working on the East Coast and 5pm for my CA business. Traditionally I’m not a night person. My mother can tell you stories of little Jennie putting herself to bed at 7. So I’m literally going to have to alter my circadian rhythm. My husband has been so great to let me sleep in the mornings but most nights I loose steam way too early. I’m not sure yet if my visa will allow me to earn CHF and I really want to continue earning USD anyway. Maybe I can alter my business plan to open up worldwide markets to expats? That might be fun! I’ve moved people all over the world to the US after all so I don’t see why I can’t move US citizens all over the world!

For now Switzerland is officially my home with my family and I’m more and more excited every day about the experience we are giving to our children—not to mention my genius husband who needs constant challenges or his brain will literally atrophy.
Switzerland balcony pic

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