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I am Jennie–wife and mother of 2 now living in Switzerland, having just moved from California. Sometimes I find mundane daily life humorous and sometimes I have an opinion about the world. I’ve been practicing Nichiren Diashonin Buddhism with the SGI since 1992.  My practice consists of morning and evening chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo as well as reciting a portion of the Lotus Sutra.  I consider myself a peace activist and strive to practice peaceful parenting. Thanks for stopping by! Questions and comments: jennie(at)myhumanrevolution(dot)com


That’s me with my new hat!


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  1. Dani says:

    Where in Northern CA are you? We just moved from Crescent City (wayyyyyyyyyy up the coast in Del Norte county) to New York.

    I’m ridiculously homesick for California :)

  2. I’m in Morgan Hill, been here since ’05. Love it in my little town. Did your new hat.

  3. Jennie! I finally read your blog! I love your writing-it’s just like how you speak. Friendly, rolling at a good beat, and descriptive. Thanks for posting about your Mom who passed away in Eureka. And I LOVED seeing you, your ‘husband’ (no names) and family! Keep dancin’, writing and sharing!

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