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Book Connection: Why be Happy if you Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson

This isn’t a book review–it’s a book connection.  I don’t know how to review a book.  I either connect to a book or I don’t.  So far I’ve devoured all of Jeanette Winterson’s novels: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, … Continue reading

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RIP little car

What’s worst than running out of gas in the middle of nowhere?  Car breaking down while husband is away.  Last time I was home alone I wrote about it here.  This time I planned to host a Toso (long chanting … Continue reading

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Winter Always Turns to Spring

I was asked to do a guest blog post!  Totally honored!  Check it out here.

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Big Ouchy

I haven’t quite gotten past using words from when the kids were little.  Ouchy just has a certain quality to it that abrasion seems to be lacking.  It’s as if an ouchy will heal faster and just saying the word … Continue reading

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If All Else Fails–Steal it!

I’m not an advocate for theft.  In fact I’m a pretty good rule follower.  But I do have an experience where I stole something and what I gained changed my life.  I have been told I was adopted for as … Continue reading

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In A Perfect World

In a perfect world my son wouldn’t have been injured during birth.  He would have 2 symmetrical perfectly functioning arms and hands.  But we all have to figure out what to do with what we’ve got–and let’s face it, everyone has … Continue reading

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Not If, When

Last night I had a very vivid dream of dying with my husband in a car accident.  I awoke with a terrible raw feeling inside.  Maybe it was because DH and I recently starting watching the TV Show Awake, or … Continue reading

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Wado Dog Strikes Again

Some days I need a little inspiration to get up from my desk and take a break from work.  Wado Dog offers just the thing I need–especially on blue sky days with everything in blossom.  So today he came running … Continue reading

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Born a Jew, Raised Christian with a Brother who was Born Muslim, and in the End I Became Buddhist

Last Mother’s Day I wrote about having 3 mothers here.  No, sadly there are no lesbians involved.  I’m adopted and have known this fact for as long as I can remember.  My brother is also adopted.  I was born Jewish … Continue reading

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Living with a Splash

We’re on Southern Cal vacation.  Woke up at 3am and started the long drive to Venice Beach.  The Boy couldn’t fall back asleep when we got in the car so he was already set to have a rough day.  Santa … Continue reading

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