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Planting to Feed My Soul

A friend E who I haven’t seen in a while stopped by yesterday for lunch and a walk down to the grand opening of the new organic grocery store.  We run into each other from time to time and are … Continue reading

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Those Little Hurts

The Girl found out this weekend that she wasn’t invited to 3 parties and a play date was canceled.  For a 10 year old this is a lot of disappointment.  It would even upset this 38 year old if it … Continue reading

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That Wado Dog!

So I thought it might be time to tell the story of how we got our lovable but very bad dog Wado.  But first, I’ve made a list of all his infractions so you have some idea of what he’s … Continue reading

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an even deeper blue

“’From the indigo, an even deeper blue.’ This passage means that, if one dyes something repeatedly in indigo, it becomes even bluer than the indigo leaves.” –Nichiren Diashonin Since I first started practicing this Buddhism 20 years ago (wow really?) … Continue reading

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Too comfortable?

I tend to like all things comforting: soft beds, yummy food, fuzzy pets, warm socks, clean kitchens, and enjoyable fiction I can put down at any moment if it gets too intense. I shy away from all things uncomfortable: conflict … Continue reading

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A Raccoon as Big as a Small Child

I’ve been having a hard time getting Wado dog inside at night. Unless it’s raining, he’d rather protect the family from deer and small critters. I wouldn’t mind so much except for when things like this morning happen. Everyone on … Continue reading

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And that’s why I wear comfortable shoes…

It all started with a comment from Dearest Husband. DH: I like those shoes. Me: Which? DH: The high heel platform ones. Me: Really? DH: You know most women wear heels. OK a little background for those of you unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Dog Walk

On the hill behind my house there’s a patch of open space studded with Eucalyptus and Brume.  It overlooks our little tie-dyed town.  Today instead of taking a challengingly hot yoga class, I took the dog for a hike up … Continue reading

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For Love of Sweat

OK so I have a weird relationship to sweat.  I’ve never been much of a sweater myself, having never had the opportunity to really get sweaty.  When I first met my husband I put on his drenched t-shirt after a … Continue reading

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Determined Prayer

Over the past few days I have been praying for someone to get a job. Buddhist prayer isn’t about asking or making a request. Buddhist prayer is about getting in sync with the rhythm of the universe and making something … Continue reading

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